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How is Covid-19 Changing the Culture of Bed and Breakfast in London?
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  • September 29th, 2020
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How is Covid-19 Changing the Culture of Bed and Breakfast in London?

The accommodation industry is one of the worst hit due to the current pandemic outbreak. Many researchers and hoteliers are of the view that it may take some time, possibly up to 2023, for the hospitality industry to return to the pre-Coronavirus scenario. Real estate to bed and breakfast in London – the underperformance of these sectors is scaring people off who are a part of these industries with major investments in danger. Like every other industry, hospitality is also adapting to the new normal and trying its best to get back to its feet.

The hotel industry has proved the true meaning of hospitality by offering its support to the health care sector. The impact of the virus may have been huge (hotels and restaurants shut down due to thinning tourism) but the humanitarian side of this industry has brought out a new flush of positivity.

Many hotels have opened their doors to the health care workers and are investing in new business models which may come with great opportunities.

The UK Government has announced the reopening of the hotel industry for the guests. This reopening strategy needs to be catered to the post-lockdown guests. As air travel is banned, hotels should focus on the domestic leisure market in the upcoming months.

Domestic guests usually travel with families who are not ready to put themselves at risk once social distancing rules are eased. As families remain wary of coming too close to other people, hotels should offer flexible meal options that guests can enjoy in their room as well. Allowing outside food providers is also a great solution instead of arranging a buffet.

Overcrowded hotel lines should be handled with proper safety measures. Arranging online bookings or contactless check points can be of great help to the visitors. Keeping the hotel staff armed with safety tools in the front desk is also crucial.

Maintaining hygiene protocols is a must to prevent infection. Hoteliers should encourage frequent room cleaning sessions to keep the guests safe and secure. Hand sanitisers should be available at all check-in desks, among toiletry kits and in rooms as well.

The days of following a basic strategy to increase your customer count is no more. In the pre-Covid era, a small-scale bed and breakfast in London would follow competitor positioning to track who is doing well. As the travel market has changed drastically, from price positioning to guest experience – everything needs to be reassessed.

Investing in online promotion with an accommodation register in UK is another great solution to be in the forefront. Business listing sites allow improved online presence, better conversion rate and increased web traffic. All these play a crucial role in making a hotel business irresistible to the customers. A business website is a great tool to market an accommodation and let others know how you are rearranging the services.

Being more agile to adapt to the evolving market conditions and changing business needs will help any bed and breakfast in London in a successful reopening. Here’s wishing for a brighter future of the hotel industry!