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Why Should A Popular Guest House In London Frequently Use Directory Sites?
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  • September 22nd, 2020
  • Unitel Direct

Why Should A Popular Guest House In London Frequently Use Directory Sites?

Gone are the days of just leveraging word of mouth to advertise guest house in London. As the business marketing procedure is evolving, every accommodation needs to think in advance to promote their business. Simple bookish knowledge is not enough to do it right. Being a bit creative is also important.

How can you be creative with your business promotion for Accommodation in London?

Through online listing sites. Registering your accommodation name on a popular web directory, such as The Accommodation Register in London can skyrocket your business growth. Customer engagement, business reach, traffic and leads – everything increases as you are a part of an online catalogue.

However, you must choose the platform carefully and find the right platform that is fit for your niche. You might not get the desired results if you list yourself on a random web directory.

What benefits can you enjoy with online listing sites?

Direct Link to Your Official Website

It is rare for a potential customer to stumble upon your official website. You can enable this by being an active member on directory sites.


Most online listing sites link your professional account with your business name. Once someone clicks on the domain name, directory sites direct him/her to the business account. This improves traffic on your site which allows you to get better ranks on different search engines.

Business Information is Always Accessible

An offline hotel business needs a foolproof solution to make company details reachable to people in need.

Keeping the online website updated eliminates this issue as visitors can access your details and contact you directly. Your business information is just a click away to them now.

Include this information on your site:

  • Business location
  • Working hours
  • Services offered
  • Meal Descriptions
  • Prices

Generating revenue from your hotel business is easier than ever with The Accommodation Register in London!


Market Your Business Better

The hotel and accommodation industry runs on a smooth marketing process. Compromising with it can seriously hamper your business.

Be visible online as much as possible to get noticed by customers. Visitors only show interest in a business when it shows up in listings in reputed sites.

Lead Generation

The hotel industry highly relies on leads. How to get them? Businesses-owners need to understand that a solid online presence makes it easier for companies to generate leads.

Protect Yourself from the Rabbit hole

A guest house in London might vanish among hundreds of other similar businesses in the same area. The best way to be popular online is to procure a business listing on a niche directory site. That way, people expressly looking for hotels in your area can find you online and place a booking.

Final Thoughts

Creating brand awareness is a great way to promote your guest house in London. Just invest a little and get featured on a plethora of directories. Implement an inexpensive marketing strategy instead of a costly advertising campaign for your Bed and Breakfast in UK business with The Accommodation Register!